Do fabric shower curtains get moldy?

It is a common misconception that fabric shower curtains will get wet and mold. We personally have used a fabric shower curtain for many years and have never had a problem with dampness and mold. The shower curtain liner very adequately protects the outer fabric shower curtain from getting wet. It is very important to have proper ventilation in your bathroom to remove excess moisture buildup.

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How do I clean a fabric shower curtain?

A fabric shower curtain must be used in conjunction with a vinyl or polyester liner. Both the liner and the fabric shower curtain are to be hung on the same curtain rings.

Cleaning Instructions: At Pond Lily, the majority of our shower curtains are machine washable. We pre shrink the fabric on our machine washable curtains before they are sewn. This ensures that they will not shorten when washed as directed.

Machine wash your shower curtain on the delicate cycle in cold water and hang the curtain back on the shower curtain rings to dry. Do not use detergent with built in bleach. If the fabric is very wrinkly, you can tumble dry it on low for 10 minutes to steam and relax the wrinkles. Remove promptly and hang it back on the shower curtain rings to finish drying. Because there is so much fabric to a shower curtain, it does not tumble well in the dryer. Drying your curtain until completely dry will actually set stubborn wrinkles.

You may touch up your fabric shower curtain with an iron that has been adjusted to the proper heat setting. It is best to iron the wrong side of the fabric. Do not pull or tug on the fabric while pressing.

Important: Opening your shower curtain with unusually dirty hands can soil your curtain very quickly requiring frequent washings. It is best to wash soiled hands before entering the shower.

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